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Digital Nomad Tools – Essential Remote Work Apps & Services

As a digital nomad, you know that to be efficient, productive, and successful you need good tools and systems. If you’re like me, then productivity tools and apps to help run my business better are an obsession. I spend a lot (too much) time pondering the latest apps, gadgets, and

Digital Nomad Checklist 2022 – The Remote Work Essentials

So you want to be a digital nomad? Or maybe you’re already there but you need a checklist of digital nomad essentials. It’s not about running to the airport for some random escape to another country. It’s about creating a lifestyle that offers you both work and travel at the

VPNs For Digital Nomads – A Guide

If you travel and work online need a VPN. A Virtual Private Network service lets you securely connect to the internet by tunneling through the WiFi network. Your data passes to and from your computer via public Wifi and the internet while remaining invisible to hackers. The VPN tunnel happens

32 Smart Travel Tips & Tricks From 20 Years Of Travel

I’ve learned a few tricks from travelling and living overseas since I took my first solo travel trip in 1995. I don’t really like to call these tips “hacks” as we’re not reprogramming a computer or breaking the law here. But they could be considered shortcuts, tips, or tricks for

The Best Digital Nomad-Friendly Coffee Shops In Bangkok

After a year and a half of living and working as a digital nomad in Bangkok, my curated list of the best coffee shops in Bangkok for working should help other digital nomads. It’s an opinionated list, of course. Coffee and workspace environments are subjective. Bangkok is one of the

The Philippines: Digital Nomad Guide

Let’s start with the bad stuff. The traffic is awful. Filipino cities are the epitome of gridlock. Traffic moves slower than a glacier and it’s a common problem in every large city. Too many cars and no infrastructure. The heat is intense and relentless (30 degrees Celcius for most of

Wise Multi-currency Account Review

Looking for an easy way to receive funds, spend in other currencies, and withdraw cash without big currency transfer fees? Wise has a solution. I’ve been using the currency transfer service to beat the market exchange rate for years so I figured it was high time I wrote a review

What is a Digital Nomad?Defining a Movement

A digital nomad is someone who desires the freedom to live and work around the world and uses technology to make this desire a reality. Want to live and work around the world? It’s the dream for many people – a nomadic lifestyle of travelling to cheap hotspots and earning

How to Apply for a Thailand Visa at the Thai Embassy in Taipei

Looking for a great new destination for a Thai visa run? Run out of ideas for a short trip to get another 60-day tourist visa? Spending time in Thailand but want more than the 30-day visa on arrival? Travelling to a city that has a Thai embassy to apply for