Travel in the country of Georgia – A beautiful and fascinating destination in the Caucasus.

Travels in Georgia – Notes on the Jewel of the Caucasus

Georgia should be high on your list of places to visit. If it’s not already on your bucket list, add it to the top 10. Thank me later. This small country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia is not particularly well known. The fact that most people can’t recognize it

Georgia – Wine, Culture, & Travel In The Birthplace Of Viticulture

In the last few years, Georgia has grown exponentially in popularity as a tourist destination. Despite the relatively difficult-to-reach location, smart travelers and tourists can discover the country’s wealth of attractions, all at a tiny price. In Georgia, you’ll find the spectacular Caucasus mountains for hiking, deep valleys for exploring,

Things To Do In Tbilisi, Georgia

The secret’s out. Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia, is the hippest undiscovered city in the world. Here’s why you need to visit. And while you’re there, this list of things to do will get you started on exploring this fascinating place. A city of 1. 5 million,

Photos Of Georgia That Will Make You Fall In Love With The Country

A Photo Tour Of Georgia The Kingdoms that make up modern-day Georgia in the Caucasus mountains leave a cultural legacy of thousands of years. While Georgia is not a wealthy state (compared to most Western European nations), it’s a land rich in dance, music, viticulture, food, and tradition. Georgia offers

10 Facts about Georgia (Country) You Didn’t Know

Thanks to its strategic geographical location, mountainous topography, unique culture and language, the Republic of Georgia is bursting with interesting people and places. But this small sliver of land, sandwiched between the Black Sea, Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, is relatively unknown on the world stage. It’s unlikely to be

Kazbegi Hiking: Stepantsminda to Gergeti Glacier Trek

The main attraction in Kazbegi (Georgians call the town Stepantsminda) is the mountains. Whether you’re a hiker, walker, or climber, one mountain dominates the agenda: Mt Kazbek. The 5033m giant is a beautiful snow-capped peak in the Caucasus mountain range and is the highest peak in Eastern Georgia. It’s the

Digital Nomad Tbilisi: Guide to Living in Georgia’s Capital

Imagine a place that feels like Eastern Europe with a hint of the Middle East / Central Asia. Where you can stay for a year as a tourist. Where you can drink some of the world’s best wine for the best prices. Where food, accommodation, and travel costs are lower than