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Wanderlust Books: Inspiring Non-fiction Travel Writing

Looking for inspiration for your travels? Need a guide to foreign country that does more than list hotels and places to eat? Do you want to go deep into the cultures and politics of the world? These wanderlust books will give you an understanding of human emotion, human behaviour, and

Begpackers: The Rise and Impact of Funded Travel

The definition of begpacker (beg-packer) is someone who attempts to save money by asking locals and other foreigners to fund their travels. Actually, that’s my definition. The dictionary hasn’t arrived yet. But it will. Begpacking is trending. And that’s a sad fact of modern travel. I don’t remember hearing about these

The Hipster Guide to Dublin: Avocados, Beards, & Coffee

Dublin’s metamorphosis over the past two decades is nothing short of astounding. From the influx of industrious Polish immigrants to the vibrant Brazilians, each group has left its mark. But perhaps the most remarkable transformation came from within—enter the hipsters. Dublin is my hometown. And I’ve spent enough time away

Che Guevara’s Irish Roots – The Irish in Argentina

Che Guevara Lynch is a legend in several countries. A traveller and nomad, explorer, hero, villain, liberator, oppressor, killer, politician, and icon. He’s also one of the most famous Irish-Argentine personalities along with William Brown, the Irish founder of the Argentine Navy. Guevara is well known for being a leading