Performing a search for ‘flight search‘ on Google turns up half a billion results. I’m stating the obvious here but there are a lot of flight search options out there. You’ve probably used a good dozen of them or more. If you’re a real travel hacker then you might know the top 100. New ones appear regularly and some just work better than others. There isn’t a single search engine that works for everyone and each type of site is better suited to particular searches. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the best travel search websites I regularly use to travel cheaply and find the best deal. If you’d like our full list, tweet us @locationyou
These are sites that work for particular tasks although most can perform similar functions. I’ve included forums, stopover specific search enginesLow-Cost Carrier (LCC) specific searches, and some other useful websites for getting the most from your dollar/euro/peso/yen.

First of all, I recommend getting a VPN service. This will allow you to essentially search from anywhere in the world, masking your true location. Your Virtual Private Network service sets you up with an IP address in whatever country you decide (and is available). From there the search engines will offer you prices based on your ‘location’ and in the local currency.
Use Chrome’s Incognito Mode to remove any cookies that websites use to identify you as a previous visitor. Many airline sites record your visits and begin increasing the price every time you check the price so as to pressure you to buy a ticket. Don’t let this happen!

Best flight search aggregator


Adioso flight results
Adioso flight results

Best quick flight search

Best quick cheap flights search website for many destinations. The Radius option is great for people who just want to fly somewhere not too far away. The site also offers suggested cheap flights.


Best Holiday Package Finder

I love Expedia. It might be a behemoth in the travel industry but it works really well. I’ve booked flights all over the world, stayed in hotels at reduced rates, and experienced honestly, the best customer service with Expedia. Definitely worth a try.

Best overall airline ticket price indicator

Excellent for viewing options from a single origin.
Google Flights

Best for visual representation of flight times. Great selection of flights also

Interface design award

Best interface for searches. One of the original flight search engines and one of the biggest

Cheap flights champion

Best for the cheapest flights around

Random flight search

Best for random flight options and inspiration.

Best flight search for Hackers and tinkerers

Best for people who like to really tinker with the options
Google Flights

Flight options
Flight options

Stay a while

Best for finding extended layovers and better connections

Mobile flight search apps

A couple of apps for your mobile phone are worth mentioning purely for their ease of use and stylish design. They can also be very good in a smaller range of options like quick weekend breaks.

Talk flights

Best forum for discussions on cheap flights and maximizing your trips.
FlyerTalk Forums

Error Fares

These sites are not strictly speaking search engines as they do the work for you but Error Fare sites are excellent for finding very cheap flights to far-flung destinations. They most deal with ex-Europe and ex-US but they also post flights from Australia and New Zealand regularly.
Secret Flying
Cheap Flights Lab

European Low Cost Carriers

Europe & Low-Cost Carrier specific search engines
Which Airline
Holiday Pirates

Wizzair Jet
Wizzair Jet

Best of the rest

Some other notable search engines
AirFare Watchdog
DealBase Flights Search

Points value finder

If you’ve found some fares and are undecided which to take check the value of points gained on each and this might help you choose.


Dan’s Deals often has some great offers and error fare posts. Worth checking regularly.
Dan’s Deals

Feedly isn’t a search engine but it’s a great way to collect and categorize for quick reference bloggers related to flight searching.