When’s The Best Time To Visit Buenos Aires?

Argentina’s capital is one of the world’s greatest cities and a thrill to visit any time of the year. Having lived in Buenos Aires for 5 years and visited on numerous occasions apart from this, I’ve seen how the city changes every month. Here’s my guide to the best times

Living in Argentina: The Pros & Cons

Argentina sits at the bottom of the world, far from any international flight hub, and embroiled in economic problems that sometimes make visitors nervous. But Argentina is not only a fascinating, exciting, and incredibly huge country to visit, itโ€™s also a wonderful country to live in. Argentina is not for

The Irish in Argentina – Resources

Argentina has the world’s 5th biggest population of Irish descendants, a fact I didn’t know until I visited the country. Personalities like Admiral William Brown (founder of the Argentine Navy), Che Guevara (Grandson of an Irish Immigrant), and Violet Jessop (Titanic survivor and inspiration for the character “Rose” in the

Violet Jessop: Irish-Argentine Traveller & Titanic Survivor

Violet Jessop, Argentina-born daughter of Irish Immigrants lived to the ripe old age of 83 years. A long life for someone born in 1887 when you consider that early 20th-century life expectancy was much lower than it is today. What’s more interesting, however, is that Jessop managed to cheat death

Admiral William Brown – The Irish Founder Of Argentina’s Navy

Guillermo Brown, born William Brown, is probably the most well-known Irish person to have made a name for himself in Latin America. As the first admiral of the Argentine navy and a highly respected and victorious leader, Admiral William Brown influenced Argentina more than any other immigrant from Ireland. William

Che Guevara’s Irish Roots – The Irish in Argentina

Che Guevara Lynch is a legend in several countries. A traveller and nomad, explorer, hero, villain, liberator, oppressor, killer, politician, and icon. He’s also one of the most famous Irish-Argentine personalities along with William Brown, the Irish founder of the Argentine Navy. Guevara is well known for being a leading

Medical Services and Hospitals in Argentina

Argentina’s doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other medical staff are highly-educated professionals that work to a very high standard. Hospitals and clinics in Buenos Aires, in particular, are well equipped and professionally maintained. If you venture out into the provincial small towns the standard drops somewhat but medical facilities in larger cities

Where to Stay in Buenos Aires – The Best Accommodation Options

Finding somewhere to stay in Buenos Aires is not difficult in the short-term. Finding long-term rentals, on the other hand, takes some work. There are bargains in both types of accommodation and it pays to take some time to evaluate your options. We’ll take a look at rentals, long-term and