Travel Resources

I like to think of this entire site as a resource for travel. But you can use this page as a quick way of referencing tools, websites, and products that are helpful for you, the traveller. If you think I’ve missed a resource please let me know. I personally use everything on this list at some time or another. These resources are tried and tested and I stand behind them.

I hope you find these resources useful.

Digital Nomad Travelers – Check this list

Disclosure: Clicking on these links and purchasing products on the related websites adds no additional cost to you. I might earn a commission if you make a purchase. The commission helps me continue producing helpful content. I only promote companies I use, trust, and love. If you have any questions about the companies, e-mail me. I’m happy to answer any questions.

App In The Air – Trip Management

I’ve used TripIt for a number of years now and it always makes organizing my trips a lot easier. But I’ve started to use App In The Air more these days thanks to its much nicer user interface and better features. The free version is excellent but the pro version gives you some nice extras such as the seat tracker, flight refunds, and lounge access discounts. Worth every penny.


Airhelp – Flight Compensation

Here’s an app that does the hard legwork in compensation claims for flight delays or cancellations. Ever experienced a flight delay or cancellation? You might be able to claim some compensation. The airline won’t tell you about it, but it’s the law. Claim as much as $700 in compensation if your flight has been delayed, cancelled or overbooked within the last three years.


Onward Ticket – Avoid Entry restrictions

A great service for people that like to travel without a lot of advance planning. Not having an onward ticket can be risky when travelling to some countries. Many airlines will deny you flight access if you don’t have an onward ticket. lets you buy an onward flight for a few dollars.


Send My Bag – Luggage Forwarding

Ever bought so much stuff on a trip that you can’t take it home with you? Lugging a huge bag through the airport sucks. Don’t be that guy/girl! Instead of paying extortionate airline fees for overweight baggage use a service like SendMyBag.


Car Rental

If you’re travelling in Eastern Europe, Portugal, The Middle East, Russia, or Thailand, check out Myrentacar for the best value car hire.


Money Transfer

There are many cheap ways to send money internationally, but let me recommend one service, Wise (formerly Transferwise).


Rome2Rio – Transport Planning

Rome2Rio is one of those apps that makes you wonder how you ever travelled without it. The website displays different options for travelling between two points on the globe. The information returned is detailed and precise. Not only that but it’s super fast and easy to use.

Why use Rome2Rio over Google Maps, you might ask? Google Maps only offers one mode of transport at any time. Rome2Rio combines all transport options and gives you every result showing time and costs. For example, using Google Maps to search for travel


Stasher – Day Luggage Storage

Stasher is a new startup that aims to help travellers explore cities without the worry of finding a convenient storage service for bags. There are outlets all over major cities that will accept your bags for a fee. And it’s insured 👍


AwardWallet – Frequent Flyer Points Management

For managing my miles, awards, and points, I use the website that’s been doing this the longest, AwardWallet. Over the years the software has been upgraded to become a flight awards management toolkit that can save you lots of time. AwardWallet notifies you when your points are about to expire, keeps track of all your upcoming trips. A very handy tool. Tripit PRO also does the same thing.