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My Travel Apps – Tools For Solo & Independent Travelers

Your phone is a powerful device for travel planning, saving money, and communicating with fellow travelers thanks to the incredible range of apps available. How did we ever travel without one? Solo travelers, in particular, benefit thanks to the ability to find cheaper hotel rooms without single supplements, meet other

Amman, Capital The Ancient Land Of Jordan

Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a city of hills and windy streets. It looks just like I’d imagined it. Off-white stone buildings with small windows, plenty of construction, and the sound of the Muslim call to prayer every few hours. Amman is a city that demands a lot of

Wadi Rum Blog – Visiting Jordan’s Desert Valley Of The Moon

Like the surface of Mars, the vast and beautiful Wadi Rum desert is a captivating place. Forget the Lawrence of Arabia association for a while (although I have to admit, that was a big part of my interest in visiting) and enjoy the silence, the tough beauty, and the calm.

Nomad Living – Disadvantages of the Lifestyle & Home Truths

The nomadic lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Travelling and “working from anywhere” holds much charm for many people. But the truth is that managing a business on the road is the (long-term) path few people. It takes a certain type of person to cope with the physical and mental issues that

Solo Travel Jordan – The Travel Planning Essentials

Jordan flies under the “next best travel destination” radar most of the time. The name might be familiar but it’s often heard in the context of Israel or goings on in the middle east. But Jordan is worthy of your attention. This little country in the middle east has a

32 Smart Travel Tips & Tricks From 20 Years Of Travel

I’ve learned a few tricks from travelling and living overseas since I took my first solo travel trip in 1995. I don’t really like to call these tips “hacks” as we’re not reprogramming a computer or breaking the law here. But they could be considered shortcuts, tips, or tricks for