Pamukkale – Turkey’s Thermal Travertine Terraces

Pamukkale is the location of Turkey’s beautiful & health-giving limestone hot springs, one of the country’s top tourist attractions. Pamukkale’s travertine terraces are one of the most visited sites in Turkey. A trip to Pamukkale will leave a lasting impression on you. What are Pamukkale’s Hot Springs? Pamukkale is a

Visiting Ephesus: Turkey’s Ancient Greek City Full Of History

Planning a trip to Turkey? Interested in history and ancient architecture? Are you looking for an interesting day excursion combined with a history and culture experience? Get an insight into the history of Turkey and walk through an open archaeological site of temples, ancient streets, enormous buildings, and amphitheaters? Ephesus

Airport Transfer – Izmir to Kusadasi Options

Until recently the minibus shuttle from Izmir Adnan Menderes (ADB) airport to Kusadasi was a well-kept secret. Taxi companies had the monopoly and tourists had no option but to take a cab from Izmir. Taxi apps are still a rarity in Turkey but there are now many options for travel between

Turkish Wedding Customs – The Travel Guide

Many travellers and visitors to Turkey find themselves at Turkish weddings through family connections, friendships, or pure chance. It could be an all Turkish affair or an international couple that gets hitched in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ankara, Ephesus, or Kusadasi. Let’s say you’ve been invited to a Turkish wedding and now

Kusadasi to Samos Day Trip

Kusadasi is a busy cruise ship destination and ferries from all over the Mediterranean and further afield arrive and leave daily. This makes things easier to find transport to other places around the Mediterranean. One of the quickest trips you can take, and one that takes you out of Turkey