Madeira – A Slice of Tropical Europe in the North Atlantic

Madeira has received a lot of attention as a safe destination for pandemic-era travel. Out on the edge of Europe, this small island off the coast of Africa became a coveted getaway for Europeans seeking sunshine and relatively restriction-free living. But Madeira is a fantastic destination at any time of

Ukraine Travel Guide

Ukraine is a fascinating place sandwiched between Russia and Europe. The last massive buffer zone between the European bloc and the growing world powers of the world’s biggest country. With a long history of settlement stretching back over 30,000 years and centuries of wars with invaders, Ukraine’s lands have been

Rome Photo Blog: On Location in Italy’s Eternal City

My visit to Rome started with preconceptions. The travel tales of friends, twitter rants about Rome’s tourism problem, and the myopic comments of armchair travellers seeped into my consciousness. Rome must suck, I thought. Expecting rude natives, endless traffic jams, mediocre food, stinking streets, and queues for everything, I was ever hopeful

The Hipster Guide to Dublin: Avocados, Beards, & Coffee

Dublin’s metamorphosis over the past two decades is nothing short of astounding. From the influx of industrious Polish immigrants to the vibrant Brazilians, each group has left its mark. But perhaps the most remarkable transformation came from within—enter the hipsters. Dublin is my hometown. And I’ve spent enough time away

The Irish in Argentina – Resources

Argentina has the world’s 5th biggest population of Irish descendants, a fact I didn’t know until I visited the country. Personalities like Admiral William Brown (founder of the Argentine Navy), Che Guevara (Grandson of an Irish Immigrant), and Violet Jessop (Titanic survivor and inspiration for the character “Rose” in the

Admiral William Brown – The Irish Founder Of Argentina’s Navy

Guillermo Brown, born William Brown, is probably the most well-known Irish person to have made a name for himself in Latin America. As the first admiral of the Argentine navy and a highly respected and victorious leader, Admiral William Brown influenced Argentina more than any other immigrant from Ireland. William

Che Guevara’s Irish Roots – The Irish in Argentina

Che Guevara Lynch is a legend in several countries. A traveller and nomad, explorer, hero, villain, liberator, oppressor, killer, politician, and icon. He’s also one of the most famous Irish-Argentine personalities along with William Brown, the Irish founder of the Argentine Navy. Guevara is well known for being a leading

The Best Cafes In Dublin, Ireland [Updated]

Dubliners like tea. In fact, Irish people are the second biggest consumers of tea in the world (the Turks hold first place). But Coffee culture is taking over and more people drink coffee than don’t these days. In fact, Dubliners are the second most obsessed coffee drinkers in the world.