Tuk Tuk Travel On Visa Run In Siem Reap

What Is A Visa Run?

Hated by some for the inconvenience and expense, welcomed by others as a chance to travel to another country, however briefly, visa runs are common “procedures” that long-term travellers do when they want to remain in a country legally.  A visa run is when a non-citizen of country A travels to country B for a …

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Falco Backpack Inside

Digital Nomad Backpack: Bagsmart Falco Commuter

The market for backpacks catering to digital nomads has exploded in the last few years along with the rise of location independent workers and business owners. Companies have realised that nomads, commuters, and tech-centric travellers are looking for certain features from a backpack. Some companies have delivered the goods. But many sell their products at …

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St Michaels Vydubytsky Mens Monastery Photo

Ukraine: A Photo Guide

Ukraine is a fascinating place sandwiched between Russia and Europe. The last massive buffer zone between the European bloc and the growing world powers of the world’s biggest country. With a long history of settlement stretching back over 30,000 years and centuries of wars with invaders, Ukraine’s lands have been conquered and divided up since …

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