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Intro to Albania: A Cultural and Historical Traveler’s Paradise

Albanians can take a joke. Not so long ago, Albania’s tourist board developed a marketing campaign designed to poke fun at the country’s unwarranted reputation as a safe haven for international criminal gangs. Taken, 2008’s hit movie starring ex-versatile actor and current one-trick-pony Liam Neeson, is about an ex-CIA officer

Nathan Aguilera from Foodie Flashpacker

Meet Nathan Aguilera, a flashpacker, foodie, photographer, and travel blogger. Nathan runs the very popular Foodie Flashpacker website that helps people all over the world find great restaurants and discover new dishes. In this episode, we chat about how the pandemic has affected travel blogs, Nathan’s favorite cuisines, how he

David McNeill of Expat Empire

Travel entrepreneur David McNeill is the owner of Expat Empire and lives in Portugal. David created a business that helps expats and digital nomads navigate the bureaucratic, legal, and practical channels of moving to another country, whether for the long term or short term. David has been living just outside

Bart van Poll of Spotted by Locals

Today’s podcast interview is with the founder of Spotted by Locals, Bart van Poll. Learn how Bart took an idea and turned it into a network for local experts to share their best tips. The blog and community Spotted by Locals is a great resource for travelers. Tips in their

Guatemala Travelogue – Central America Backpacking in 2001

“Central America”, they repeated when I mentioned my destination, nodding in approval of my choice. No doubt they presumed I would visit Kansas City or Oklahoma. I was traveling to a part of the world few of my acquaintances could relate to or knew anything about. One Central American country,

Nexstand vs Roost – Battle of The Laptop Stands

Looking for a portable laptop stand? Want to know which of the affordable European Nexstand or the American Roost stand is best? Here’s a full comparison. Field-tested by a digital nomad. No matter the amount of improvements laptops witness every day, they still carry the same ergonomic issues throughout different

Madeira – A Slice of Tropical Europe in the North Atlantic

Madeira has received a lot of attention as a safe destination for pandemic-era travel. Out on the edge of Europe, this small island off the coast of Africa became a coveted getaway for Europeans seeking sunshine and relatively restriction-free living. But Madeira is a fantastic destination at any time of

Sam McManus from YellowWood Adventures

If you’ve ever wanted to get into the world of travel and adventure tours, this interview will give you some insights into how it’s done. If you’re interested in visiting emerging destinations but you don’t fancy going it alone, check out the fascinating parts of the world that Sam’s company,