Traditional Georgian dance in Tbilisi

A Photo Tour Of Georgia

The Kingdoms that make up modern day Georgia in the Caucasus mountains leave a legacy of thousands of years of culture. While Georgia is not a wealthy state (compared to most Western European nations), it’s a land rich in dance, music, viticulture, food, and tradition. A diverse landscape of mountains, lakes, coastline, wine-growing regions, desert, and temperature rainforest alled packed into a small country.

With the reputation for having some of the friendliest people in the world, Georgia welcomes visitors with open arms. Put Tbilisi, Batumi, Kazbegi, Kakheti, Kutaisi, and Svaneti on your bucket list. Expect to see Georgia winning accolades for the best tourist destination in the world in the not too distant future.

Budget airlines are launching flights from all over Europe and Asia to Tbilisi and Kutaisi. For most people wanting to travel to Georgia, visas are not required. And to top it off, Georgia is an inexpensive place to travel. The first wave of tourists, digital nomads, wine-lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts has started to arrive. What are you waiting for?

Georgia is one of the most photogenic countries in the world. The mountain air, Mediterranean climate of long sunny days, colourful old world culture mixed with modern technology, and the blend of ultra-modern and soviet colonial buildings, particularly in the capital, Tbilisi, makes Georgia (the country) a photographer’s dream.

These are the pictures of Georgia that I (a very amateur photographer) captured during 5 weeks of living in Tbilisi, hiking the mountains of Kazbegi, walking the promenades of Batumi, and sampling the wineries of the Kakheti region.

The old town of Tbilisi with Orbeliani baths at the end of the street.
The library of Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is a relaxing and beautiful place to hang out.
This photo of the Gergeti Trinity Church in the shadow of Mount Kazbek was taken from the Rooms Hotel Terrace at sunset as the sun passed behind the magnificent mountain.
Sunset in Tbilisi on the west side of the river near the Holy Trinity Cathedral.
The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. A beautiful building surrounded by gardens on a hill overlooking the city.
Rooftop restaurants abound in Tbilisi. The city is divied by the Mtkvari river and is so hilly that there is an abundance of vantage points. Saamo restaurant’s rooftop garden is one of the best.
Dzveli Tbilisi – The old city with Narikala Fortress and cable car

Beautiful waters of the Zhinvali Reservoir, Georgia

Mt Kazbek and Bethlemi Hut in the mountainous Kazbegi region of Northern Georgia.

Batumi Promenade on the Black Sea coast of Georgia

The view from the City of Batumi’s Alphabet Tower Cafe

Tbilisi’s Hipster Enclave with coffee shops and restaurants near Fabrika Hostel

Vake Public Park, Tbilisi. A place to get some exercise, relax, and engage in the popular pastime of people watching

Paragliders flying near the Gudauri viewing point and Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument

Wine is very important to Georgians and wine making is deeply rooted in Georgian culture. This wine-tasting gallery in one of the many basements of Tbilisi is a great place to try the local wines.

An underground wine cellar in the grounds of Shumi Winery in Kakheti, the main wine growing part of Georgia. The holes in the ground each contain a qvevri, which is a clay pot shaped a bit like an egg. Grapes ferment in the qvevri giving Georgian Wine it’s unique taste.

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